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The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology has been representing the biomass heat sector since 2001. The REA members forum for biomass heat is called the ‘Wood Heat Forum’. It was formerly the Wood Heat Association a wholly owned subsidiary of the REA, but in October 2020 became a Forum and formally part of the REA.

Biomass for heat is one of the most cost-effective forms of low carbon energy. The modern wood and biomass heating industry mainly uses processed fuel (such as wood pellet or wood chip) in highly efficient stoves and boilers, that typically deliver heat via water-based central heating or district heating system to a building or collection of buildings. Biomass can provide space heating, hot water, and high-grade heat for industrial processes.

Biomass is a renewable resource, which used responsibly, is sustainable as it grows back. Moreover, energy from biomass (bioenergy) is crucially important to limit global climate change through the displacement of fossil fuels. Fossil fuels add carbon into the live carbon cycle, whereas biomass is already a part of the live carbon cycle. So as long as forests are managed sustainably, biomass can deliver significant greenhouse gas savings.

About the REA Wood Heat Forum

The Wood Heat Forum brings together wood fuel suppliers, biomass boiler and stove manufacturers, installers and distributors, energy companies and developers. It also benefits from members of the wider REA.

Post the end of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) in March 2021, the WHF is working closely with BEIS to ensure a sustainable end of life scheme for the RHI, which includes the development of a Quality Fuel Standard to be introduced by the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) and mandatory servicing from April 2022.

We are also lobbying to ensure the best use of biomass recognises that one of the most efficient uses of biomass is in the direct production of heat, with a conversion efficiency approaching 90%. Such efficiencies need to be recognised in future policy discussions concerning ‘best use’ of biomass and the REA shall be advocating for this to be recognised in the Government’s upcoming Biomass Strategy.

We support our members across the UK by providing newsletters, website, technical advice, updates on policy, as well as listening to and tackling their concerns, through national and local conferences and forums.

The Wood Heat Forum is governed by a steering committee

Terence McCracken – Innasol Ltd (Chair)

Alasdair Peppe – Dunster Biomass Heating (Scotland) Ltd

Amy Fielding – Environmental Compliance Solutions Limited

Julian Morgan-Jones – South East Wood Fuels Ltd

Leah Radford – Myriad Heat & Power Products Ltd

Mark Lebus – LC Energy

Michael Johnson – Talbotts Biomass Energy System

Mike Ingoldby – Bowland Bioenergy Ltd

Thomas Wilkins – NFU Energy

For information about joining the Wood Heat Forum please contact [email protected]

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